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A thriving business requires a mix of strategies that are thoughtfully implemented and continuously reassessed. Strategies include the Business Model, the Business Purpose as well as the Value Proposition and the Business Goals. A successful strategy is built on a clear understanding of value creation. This is the gap between the customer’s desire to pay for products and services and the price. By reducing this gap, businesses can create value for their customers, the firm, suppliers and employees, thereby ensuring continued growth and success.

A key to achieving success in a new venture is to concentrate on the needs of customers. Although it may seem obvious, many businesses lose sight of this simple fact and get caught in administrative tasks and daily goals that detract them from delivering customer-centric work.

Another important aspect of the success of a business is to identify its competitive advantage. This involves knowing what makes it stand out from other companies and taking advantage of its uniqueness. Apple is a prime example. It has built its brand around offering new experiences and products that can change the lives of consumers. This is achieved by a constant commitment to innovation and a common vision of the company with employees along with partners and investors.

A third and final factor to a successful business is to create an environment that encourages creative thinking and encourages innovation even if they don’t immediately lead to profit. This can be challenging however it’s vital to recognize that long-term business success is an ongoing process that can’t be quickly accelerated or influenced by fast success.

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